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At Aholiab Engineering and technical services,we combine the power of engineering and construction to bring your dreams to life. With a comprehensive range of services, we offer seamless solutions from initial concept to final execution, ensuring exceptional quality and customer satisfaction every step of the way.

Quality Services

Land surveying

Our company provides land surveying services, which involve measuring and mapping the physical features
of a specific piece of land. Land surveying is crucial in determining accurate boundaries, topographic information, and land elevations. It helps in planning
and designing construction projects and ensures
precise measurements for accurate project execution.

Building Staffs

our company offers manpower services, which involve supplying skilled and experienced workers for construction projects. This includes a range of professionals such as engineers, architects, project managers, construction workers, electricians, plumbers, and other specialized labor. Providing competent manpower ensures the efficient and successful execution of construction projects.

Material Supply

This service involves sourcing, procuring, and delivering a wide range of materials required for construction projects, including cement, steel, bricks, tiles, piping, electrical equipment, and more. Reliable material supply ensures timely availability of high-quality construction materials, contributing to the smooth progress of projects.


we offer expert advice and guidance on various aspects of construction projects. This may include feasibility studies, project planning, cost estimation, risk assessment, project management, and compliance with regulations and standards. Consultancy services help clients make informed decisions and optimize project outcomes.


our company specializes in architectural services, encompassing the design and planning of buildings and structures. This includes conceptualizing and creating architectural drawings, 3D modeling, and rendering. Architectural services cater to both residential and commercial projects, ensuring aesthetically pleasing and functional designs aligned with clients' requirements.

Crane Service

our company offers crane services, providing the necessary equipment and operators for lifting and moving heavy objects during construction projects. Cranes are essential for tasks such as erecting steel structures, placing heavy machinery, and lifting materials to higher levels. Crane services ensure safe and efficient handling of heavy loads, contributing to the overall project productivity.


Committed To Keep the enviroment and People Healthy & Safe

And our operations reflect this dedication in several ways:

We Follow Best Practices

Our company aligns its operations with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and follows the best engineering and construction practices

(SDG 11):

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Our company plays a crucial role in creating sustainable cities and communities by implementing green building practices and environmentally friendly infrastructure. This includes designing and constructing buildings that are energy-efficient, promoting public transportation, and integrating green spaces into urban areas. These efforts contribute to creating inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable cities and communities.

By aligning our engineering and construction company’s operations with the SDGs, we contribute to addressing global challenges and promoting sustainable development

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Frequently Asked Questions

We prioritize quality at every stage of the construction process. We use high-quality materials, employ skilled labor, follow industry standards and best practices, and conduct thorough quality inspections and checks. Our commitment to quality ensures that the final deliverables meet or exceed the client’s expectations.

we have experience in handling both residential and commercial construction projects. Whether it’s building a custom home, renovating an office space, or constructing a commercial complex, we have the capabilities to cater to a diverse range of projects.

Safety is a top priority for us. We strictly adhere to safety regulations and implement comprehensive safety protocols on all our construction sites. Our personnel receive regular safety training, and we conduct thorough risk assessments to identify and address potential hazards. We strive to create a safe working environment for our employees, subcontractors, and the surrounding community.